About Anorthosite

  • What is it: Anorthosite is a white rock primarily comprised of the chemical components aluminum, silicon, and calcium.
  • Uses and benefits Anorthosite rock has potential usage as feedstock material in numerous industries, with revenue streams spanning from the automobile and marine industry to windmill turbines and blades, energy efficient windows, paint and coatings, insulation materials, aerospace and defence, flame retardants, the chemical/medical industry, energy efficient glass and many others.
  • Market studies by Roskill Consulting Group and TAK Industrial Mineral Consultancy, confirmed the economic potential of GAM’s anorthosite as feedstock material for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • A critical, proven technical advantage of the company’s anorthosite feedstock is that it enables more environmentally friendly production processes than current sources such as kaolin and bauxite.