Majoqqap Qaava Anorthosite

  • The Majoqqap Qaava anorthosite deposit is located 125 km southeast of Greenland’s capital Nuuk on the southwest coast only 12 km from the ice-free coast of Qeqertarsuatsiaat Kangerdluat (Fiskenæs Fjord).
  • The open pit mine will extract raw anorthosite, comprising the feldspar mineral Bytownite. The deposit is unique in scale and grade featuring high aluminium grades and exceptionally low content of alkali metals (less than 2%) making it highly attractive for many industrial applications.
  • The current mineral resource definition includes 52.5 million tonnes of anorthosite sufficient for minimum 50 years of production. Undefined resources for an estimated additional mine life of 50-100 years exists in the area.
  • Our planned infrastructure at Fiskenæs Fjord will include port facilities, processing plant, power plant, accommodation and product warehouses that will be connected to the open pit mine by a haul road.