An Experienced Team that Strive to Ensure Shareholder Return on Investment

Greenland Anorthosite Mining A/S (GAM) is a Greenlandic mineral exploration company focused on developing the Majoqqap Qaava Anorthosite Project into a mine operation.

GAM´s vision is to bring a unique industrial mining venture to market with a business strategy strongly supportive of transition into environmentally-friendly and CO2 reducing “green” solutions, by offering customers a sustainable raw material source as an alternative to the more polluting and energy-demanding raw materials in use today.

  • Vision: To demonstrate the benefits to a local and global community from responsible natural resource development in Greenland which enriches both planet and people.
  • Mission: Our business will sustain attractive long term financial returns for investors through actions which are consistently endorsed by our employees, community, and customers.
  • What we do: We have identified and are now developing the world’s highest-quality deposit of anorthosite in Greenland to extract, process and ship it. Our product applications are fibre glass, insulation materials, fillers and a range of other aluminium-based products