• Greenland Anorthosite Mining is committed to engagement with local and diverse workforce, and to training and development. We are committed to recruiting Greenlanders for positions and levels within the company where individuals have the relevant skills, experience and personal characteristics;
  • GAM and its contractors will be recruiting to fill several positions during construction and the operation phases. We are committed to attracting a diverse workforce of Greenlandic and other nationalities to the extent needed, to achieve our purposes and do not discriminate by gender;
  • For every position GAM will provide job descriptions which clearly set out its requirements for education, experience, personal profile and competency;
  • All open positions will be advertised here when our recruitment process starts until which time, we are unable to store personal records of potential candidates for GDPR reasons;
  • For contact about job openings please contact Claus Stoltenborg, CEO;
  • Safety is a natural and top priority and safety diligence in daily behaviour is a pre-requisite to be on our team;
  • Our business model requires all employees to demonstrate a positive, attitude to working in a safe, fair, and inclusive environment. As employers we foster individual responsibility and accountability as essential to encouraging teams to work positively towards our common goal;
  • All staff will be treated respectfully, and we will not tolerate any form of disrespectful communication or discrimination towards colleagues or members of our broader community.
  • For contact about job openings please contact Claus Stoltenborg, CEO, here;